Need to unerase file information that has been accidentally deleted? There is no better way to do this than by using FileFinder. When you have accidentally deleted important folders or if somehow during startup or shutdown of your computer files were damaged, you have just a few limited options. One option is to download any of the hundreds of conventional data recovery programs available. Provided the items you have lost were on an external digital storage device such as a compact flash drive or camera memory card you will be able to use that program operating from your computer’s hard drive to restore lost data.

But if the deleted files you are seeking were originally located on your computer’s hard drive, then downloading the data recovery program onto that drive will very likely destroy the information you hoped to rescue. The best way to unerase file information is to choose and use FileFinder as your data recovery program. Our program downloads onto any spare or friend’s computer. Using that computer you will create a special disk that when loaded onto any other Windows operated computer allows you to scan and recover lost hard drives, digital images, entire programs and for that matter any data stored on your computer or in any device connected to it.

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