When considering cost options for dealing with a data recovery problem the place to start is by looking at what computer service labs charge to rescue your data from a crashed hard drive. Prices for this service start at around $300 and can raise to as much as $1000 for simple file retrieval from a crashed 250 GB unit. File recovery on larger drives cost even more. This leaves the option of doing the job yourself. In order to retrieve deleted files from your hard disk or to locate existing information on a crashed PC you will need the assistance of a data retrieval utility. Most of these start in the range of $100.00.

These same recovery tools seldom mention prior to purchase that to use them effectively you must install them onto a second working computer and connect that computer holding the data rescue software to your crashed hard disk by means of cables. This process requires dismantling of both computers. So, even though the do it yourself recovery option is less expensive, it is not without its pitfalls. A third and obviously the best option is to use FileFinder. Our software is unique, in that it does not require connection to your PC by means of cables. Instead FileFinder accesses your crash drive through its CD/DVD disc drive. FileFinder is a simple and powerful hard drive data recovery price alternative. FileFinder cost less than $40.00 and supports file rescue on every version of Windows as well as any Windows file storage system.

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