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Folder recovery – Restore files with folder structures intact

We often intermix the terms file and folder when accessing information on our computer. The primary difference in these two terms is that we place files inside of folders and not the reverse. A folder may contain all types of data such as digital photographs, Microsoft Word documents or entire application programs. When we have a situation requiring folder recovery what we are basically saying is that a collection of information inside of said directory has gone missing. That is why it is so important that the data recovery program you choose be able to not only find your missing items but restore the original structure they were stored in. Without the original storage structure restored, the functions accomplished by recovered data may not work. Furthermore when you have a file that is stored in one level which is in turn stored in another, without recovering the original structure it will be incredibly difficult to locate individual pieces of digital information. After using FileFinder to locate all of your lost or deleted items on your computer you can select from the viewing options the ability to look through your data in a tree list form. This makes it very simple to find specific files from thousands of directories.

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Data file recovery software for Windows

Data files differ from applications in that they are created and stored in a different segment of our computer’s hard drive. Applications are usually connected as part of our Windows operating system. Data becomes lost or damaged usually through human error. We simply forget we need a file and accidentally delete it or place it into the Windows recycle bin and consequently empty the bin without looking. Other ways that data can become lost are due to simple transfer and compression. A small but given percentage of all transfers result in loss of digital information.

Amazingly the greatest need for data file recovery software does not arise from accidental deletion of information so much as failure of our Windows operating system .DLLs. These files which are loaded and unloaded every time we start or shut down our computer are prone to damage. Once we have lost or damaged enough of these operating system DLLs our computer can no longer startup and consequently access everything that we have stored. FileFinder will start up a computer that has a crashed Windows operating system and open for you all of the hard disk files so that you may copy them to safety. Once your items are safely stored elsewhere you are free to reload your Windows operating system and as a result of which reload your hard drive access information. You will then of course need to transfer your data back to your hard disk. These are all very simple operations.

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Easy recovery of missing and accidentally deleted files

If you are looking for easy recovery solutions when dealing with damaged or deleted files there is no simpler way to find and restore lost data than by using FileFinder. What makes our program so simple a tool for location and retrieval of deleted or damaged files? It is actually a far more sophisticated recovery tool than most that are available. Unlike most data retreival tools that are simple downloads on to your computer’s hard drive, FileFinder starts and loads your PC using a built in Windows shell. On to that shell the data recovery application has been installed. This is a seemingly more complex solution. While FileFinder itself is a sophisticated program it is designed for simple use by any computer operator, even those with no previous technical experience. Loading our software is done by inserting the created recovery disk into your PC’s CD/DVD drive. Once you restart your computer the application will automatically load the special Windows shell. At this point you must start the recovery utility simply by clicking on the program file menu. Once you have accomplished these two simple tasks FileFinder is ready to go to work.

From this point you may easily scan through and copy out existing and deleted files on any digital storage device connected to your PC. You may also scan through your computer’s internal hard drive for existing or deleted information. Because our software runs and operates from your computer’s disk drive and its microprocessor alone, there is never any danger of overwriting saves files. So, even though FileFinder is a far more sophisticated program than any other data retrieval tool, it is still the best program to use for easy recovery of lost data.

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Filerecovery – Recover files from hard disk memory

There quite a few tools for filerecovery available to the general public. As with any software purchase one must be careful to choose a program that is both functional and understandable. FileFinder comes complete with a set of illustrated instructions. This guide was designed in real time so as to simulate a complete file recovery procedure. Every step you must follow for varying degrees of difficulty is laid before you with arrows and circles pointing out each move you must make. Simple to understand written instructions accompany each pictorial example. Because there are so many different file recovery problems we have created the instructions for separate levels of difficulty explained.

Obviously if you only need to restore a deleted Microsoft Word document you need not put forth the effort as would be required to rescue all of the files from a crashed hard drive. FileFinder was designed so that an average person could use the program for do it yourself retrieval of data and in using the program save thousands of dollars over the cost of sending their hard drive out to a data recovery service laboratory. The included instructions follow through on this premise of teaching the average computer user how to quickly become experts in process of data recovery.

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Easy file recovery for hassle free data restoration

With several thousand choices available to you, finding the best software for easy file recovery among them all can be a very frustrating task. FileFinder is a highly developed, award winning software that will end your frantic search for a capable program. FileFinder is a brand that has quickly become known as the one to trust for quick retrieval of data. It is simple to use, effective and budget friendly too. Offering the widest range of solutions for data retrieval, our program allows you to restore important documents and files that have been lost or accidentally deleted.

When you download the our software, you start with the most comprehensive set of instructions you could ask for. Surprisingly, there are very few recovery programs that come with instructions of any consequence. So if you want find data with ease, it is obvious that you want recovery utility with very detailed instructions.
Another plus in the use of our software is that you will not need a second computer when you go to find files. What this means is that, unlike most other programs, you will not have to open up one computer to access the hard drive of another one. Remember, you came here looking for easy file recovery and with FileFinder that is what you will get.

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Deleted file recovery software – Rescue your erased data

In reading this you may be trying to decide which is the best deleted file recovery software. Of course we believe that our utility for data recovery is far and away the best available. But if you are in the process of choosing a program to assist you in finding and restoring missing files, let us take a moment to show you why FileFinder is obviously the best choice. A great place to start this review is with a look at file retrieval software prices. The FileFinder data retrieval tool costs less than $40.00. Stripped down versions of lesser quality data recovery software begin at almost twice this. Of course price does not necessarily mean value. If a program cannot find your missing files it is a poor value at any price. Our program finds a full 95% of all recently deleted files on a computer hard disk or any digital storage device connected to that computer.

Speed of operation is another important factor in finding the best recovery tool. Here our program truly excels, as it can completely scan a full sized desktop computer hard drive in under an hour. Deep scans of large drives can be finished in under 3 hours. With many lesser quality programs requiring a full week’s time for a deep scan it becomes obvious that our software is superior in this area as well. A final feature to be aware of when you go to choose a recovery utility is that FileFinder loads on to a proprietary miniature operating system. This allows your computer to be started up even if the hard drive is crashed and the screen is showing a Windows error message.

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Files recovery software – Restore your lost digital data

If you are looking for the best files recovery software, you can begin and end your search with FileFinder. Our software supports recovery of lost or deleted data on any computer using any version of Windows. It also allows for recovery on Windows universal applications such as compact flash drives and camera memory cards. Any device for digital storage that is connected to your PC by means of a USB port can be scanned for deleted files using our application. This includes popular MP3 players such as iPods and Zune music players.

Simple retrieval of information deleted or lost during transfer is quick work for FileFinder. Our program was built to search through and recover files from even the largest external hard drives such as new Western Digital book drives. If you have lost data on your computer’s internal hard disk, FileFinder will access it and retrieve your digital information with absolutely no risk of ever overwriting the deleted file space on your internal disk. Should you be facing a more serious problem where your PC will not start up and you are being shown a Windows error message, our software will be of great use to you as it will start your crashed computer and open its hard drive. This will allow you to copy out any important saved information so that you may then reload Windows and restore your computer to original operating condition.

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Fast file recovery for one file or one million files

When you accidentally delete a file holding important records or information on a current project, you need to find a way to get it back quickly. Obviously you do not have time to send your computer away to a data recovery service lab so that one or two recently deleted files can be extracted. And should you opt to try do it yourself data retrieval software, you still must remove your computer’s hard drive and connect that drive to another PC on to which the program has been installed. Most do it yourself data rescue software of this type still requires an investment of 5 to 6 hours time. For fast file recovery, there is only one viable solution.

That solution is FileFinder which downloads onto any working secondary PC. Once the installation package is downloaded, you merely use that computer to burn/create a special recovery disc. Now that you have made this disc you are ready for quick retrieval of digital information on any Windows based PC. Simply load the disc into any PC CD/DVD disc drive and the application will self load by means of its own miniature operating system. FileFinder loads directly to your computer’s RAM and will immediately grant you access to all stored files on your computer and any located on devices connected to your PC. With FileFinder you get fast file recovery two different ways. The first as was just stated is that once you have a recovery disc created you are ready to scan for and retrieve any recently deleted files in an instant. The second feature that makes our software faster and more efficient than any other data recovery program is that because FileFinder operates from your computer’s live memory or RAM it need never access your PC’s hard drive to run. This cuts down on the time required for complete hard drive searches considerably.

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Best file recovery software – What makes a program superior?

When looking at the hundreds of different programs to find data, how are we to choose which of these is the best file recovery software? Is price the sole determinant of quality? Certainly not. Price is seldom a factor either plus or minus. We all know that the cheapest item is usually not the best. But we also know that the most expensive may not be a fair and honest value. Some of the things we need to look for when checking over file retrieval tools are speed of drive scanning, percentage of successful recovery, and whether or not files resaved are presented in a usable state. Speed of memory scanning is an important factor because if a program for data rescue is obsolete, a thorough scan of a 100 GB hard drive can take four or five hours. With many hard drives now totaling 640 GB in size, a slow program could take almost a week to do a scan. FileFinder will scan a 100 GB hard drive in around an hour.

When examining percentages of successful data recovery we should consider that many programs for retrieval have a success ratio of lower than 50%. FileFinder will successfully find fully 95% of all recently deleted data. Another important factor in choosing the best file recovery software it is how reclaimed data is presented. Often a recovery program is only able to present found files as unnamed. This means that you must actually copy out all of the digital information and open each item one by one searching for your lost information. FileFinder restores information in an organized list that includes both the original file name and the pathway by which it had originally been stored.

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Lost file recovery for hard drives and external digital storage

Files lost on your computer take many forms. You can use images such as digital photos, documents such as reports written on Microsoft Word, and of course we all managed to somehow another occasionally lose emails. Another major type of information loss is when entire applications are damaged and go missing. In any case and in all of the situations we are dealing with the need for lost file recovery. Sometimes in the case of major applications and software programs that have magically disappeared from our computer, we can instigate a simple system restore. This will return all of the data on our computer to the state it was in at a predetermined earlier time. However any programs or files stored in a folder and accidentally lost will not be recovered by a system restore. For these programs we will need the help of a powerful recovery tool. As the makers of FileFinder we obviously recommend ours as being one of the best.

FileFinder allows anyone, regardless of their level of computer expertise to quickly and efficiently retrieve any files, folders or programs that were accidentally deleted or mechanically removed from their computer. Our software will also perform lost file recovery on any type of digital storage device that connects to a PC. So if you have accidentally deleted a few images from a digital camera or its memory card, our program can help you. If you inadvertently reformatted a USB compact flash drive resulting in complete data loss, FileFinder will scan that drive and return to you all of your information.

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File Recovery Tool – An easy to operate data retrieval program

FileFinder has got to be the world’s best file recovery tool. Consider that there are thousands of programs for data retrieval. Yet, out of these thousands of utilities only a handful allow you to start a computer that has shown a blue Windows error screen. All of these other programs require you to dismantle your computer and connect it to a PC specifically setup as a technician unit. Besides the fact that not everyone has spare hardware lying around just for the purpose of data recovery, dismantling your laptop or desktop and connecting it by cables to the technician PC motherboard is simply not a task for the average user.

We designed FileFinder to load onto your RAM its own temporary miniature Windows operating system. This system allows you to start up any Windows based computer even if its version of Windows has failed. Once you start your PC, our file recovery tool will allow you access to any stored information. And if you have recently deleted files on your hard drive or any device connected to your PC, the application will search for and find those as well. There are several ways to recover lost files on a computer with a crashed hard drive but there is only one simple solution and that is to use FileFinder.

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Get Files Back that are Lost or Deleted from your Computer

Did you accidentally delete your files? As soon as you realized you lost important information the search was on to find a program that will restore it. You need look no further than this website to get files back on your hard drive or any other digital storage. FileFinder is the perfect solution to find data lost in no man’s land.
Developed by a team of highly skilled technicians in the field of data recovery software, FileFinder uses advanced disk reading technology to get files back.
When you erase a word processing document, family photos, videos or other important information, hours of work or years of memories are lost in a digital moment.
Sure, there is a recycle bin to recover some files, but its not infallible. What are your options? Should you spend hours recreating the documents? Should you get all of your relatives together to reenact memories captured in family photos?

Should you spend hundreds of dollars with a company you never heard of?

There is no way you can risk having your computer in the hands of a total stranger who would then have access to all of your personal information. Because of this alone the best choice is definitely FileFinder. With our program not only to you have security which your private information you also have direct and easy to understand instructions that anyone regardless of computer experience can follow.

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NTFS file recovery for beginners and advanced PC users

NTFS file recovery can refer to two different scenarios. These are recovery from a crashed hard drive on a computer using NTFS and retrieval of accidentally deleted data on any PC using a version of Windows whereby information is stored using the New Technology File System. All that this means is that if your computer was made in the last 10 years, runs on Windows and you are missing some data, you will need NTFS file recovery software. The most proficient of these is FileFinder.

While many recovery programs can search through your hard disk and quickly locate recently deleted information, none of these can do what our software can do. That is start up a PC that has a crashed hard drive. FileFinder operates using a proprietary miniature version of Windows Vista. This special operating system loads into your PC by means of its CD/DVD disk drive. The application will load directly onto the short term memory or RAM. As the program loads it will start up your PC on its own. Once your failed computer has started you can use basic program functions such as saving stored data to an external drive. If you are searching for deleted files the main recovery program will locate and reconstruct these, reestablishing the original names. FileFinder uses your own hardware as what is known as a technician computer to access your hard disk.

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Best File Recovery Tool for Safely Rescuing Your Data

If you have recently lost data in your computer and you’re looking for the best file recovery tool to do the job, there is only one choice. That choice is FileFinder, the best utility to find your lost or deleted files available today. FileFinder uses the most advanced scanning technology in existence to ensure all of your lost data is recovered and you can get back to using your computer without any glitches. Our software is incredibly easy to use. When you download the installation package, along with the program comes simple to follow step-by-step directions. FileFinder is the only program you will find with such easy to understand directions.

And, if you still have problems finding your data, simply use our contact form to reach us. We have qualified technicians available ready to assist you for an easy and smooth rescue of your lost data. For the top recovery software you can buy the clear choice is FileFinder. That is because you do not need to disassemble your PC, remove your hard drive and connect it to a second computer just to find your files. And, you will not have to send your computer off to some unknown company to fix a simple problem that our program has done to thousands of PCs safely, effectively and affordably. With FileFinder you can easily do the job of recovering your files and no one else will see your private information and have access to your photos, emails and financial records. All of this is what makes our software the best file recovery tool for you.

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The Best File Recovery for Deleted File or Crashed Drive Recovery

For the best file recovery software money can buy, the smart choice is FileFinder. Our software uses the latest technology in existence to search for and find your lost or deleted digital information. With FileFinder you have the finest recovery program available. There are many programs to choose from but for the overall best use the one that comes with the easiest step by step directions to guide you through simple and flawless restoration of your files. With our program you do not need a second computer to perform the recovery process. The only time you will use a second computer is to burn your special recovery CD/DVD. Once you have created the CD you can retrieve data on any PC, anytime, anywhere.

Using FileFinder also keeps your photos, emails and any other personal information private. Don’t send your computer off to some unknown company to risk them seeing all of your private information. Remember, with our program you have easy to understand directions, there’s no need for a second computer to find your files and your information will remain safe with you. All of this is what makes our application the best file recovery software you can buy today. It loads quickly and safely onto your computer’s microprocessor instead of the hard drive so you will never overwrite and destroy any of the items you are attempting to restore. Whether you have only a few files of importance to get back or an entire hard drive filled with data, FileFinder will complete the job and put you back in business again.

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Deleted File Recovery – Find Erased Digital Data

A program for deleted file recovery should be available for every home or business computer user. When you accidentally delete an important file there is a limited time available to rescue that lost file. As long as you do not save other files to your computer’s memory you are fine but should you continue to use your computer before you use a program to rescue your deleted files you will likely overwrite the information you need and render them lost forever.

filefindercdHow easy retrieving lost data can be for you
Retrieving deleted digital information is a simple task with FileFinder. All one needs to do is download the installation package and create the special recovery disc. That disk can then be loaded into any computer that needs data found and copied out. Even if the information is locked away on a logic crashed hard drive, FileFinder will give you access to them.

How is getting deleted or missing files back possible on a crashed hard drive?
Unlike our competitiors’ software, FileFinder loads directly onto your computer’s RAM instead of using its present operating system. In fact our software comes complete with its own (tiny) stand alone Windows OS just to run the powerful recovery tool and from there affect fast, efficient scan of your hard drive.

What types of digital devices can data recovery be performed on?
mediastoragedevicesFileFinder will restore lost or damaged digital media from all kinds of digital storage devices such as USB Flash drives, Digital camera cards, Zip drives, floppy disks and even the storage on an MP4 player. Our program is perfect for retrieval from any kind of digital storage media. And using the application could not be easier. FileFinder comes with real time instructions with ever step needed for deleted file recovery illustrated with a clear screenshot. Just follow the simple guide and you will be a master at all kinds of data recovery in under half of an hour.

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Unerase Files from Any Computer or Device

In some ways things were a great deal simpler when we were children in school and erased our mistakes with giant pink pencil erasers. If we decided we wanted those words back on our paper we simply cranked out our trusty number 2 pencils and retraced the erased letters. Of course, now that we are older, our erasing is done with the click of a mouse and we can erase a million words or a thousand files in the blink of an eye. But when we want to unerase files we have no easy way to do so.

Or so most people believe…

Actually anyone can quickly unerase files simply by installing and using FileFinder. Let’s begin with a quick look at what happens when we delete a file. Most people think that deleting an item on their PC involves erasing all of the information that it contained. So if we were removing from our computer’s internal hard drive a digital photograph such as a JPEG, we would think that all of the binary code that was used to create the digital image on our computer’s screen was wiped away. This is never the case.

preview-screenThis same thinking applies to Microsoft Word documents. When we delete a Word file, our computer does not remove the magnetic information embedded onto our computer’s hard disk drive. In both of these cases and in any data recovery situation, all that happens when we delete a file is that the space used for it is now marked as available. The actual machine readable data stored on our computer’s magnetic disk remains exactly as it was until new information is written over it. Those who remember using cassette players to record music will understand that this is exactly the same process.

digitalmediastorageWith this thought in mind then how do we enable our computer to recognize this data in areas that have been marked as empty, when we hope to restore the information inside the sectors? We do this using powerful third party software that is able to recognize the existence of code inside the spaces and reinstate the structure and name of any files.
FileFinder can unerase files lost on computer hard drives, camera smart cards, USB Flash drives and dozens of other kinds of digital storage media. And furthermore, there is no kind of lost or deleted digital item that our software cannot unerase.

Super swift unerasing of any data type
FileFinder will unerase photos, MP3s, documents, emails, videos and around 300 other types of files. Whatever you have lost our program will find. And once the application locates your lost files it will reattach the original names and allow you to preview them. You can then either resave the information to a new location or decide to discard it. But don’t worry, if you accidentally throw away those same files or decide you want them after all, FileFinder will search for them, unerase the data again.

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File Recovery Tutorial – Learn How to Recover Files

Amazingly many people still believe that once they delete a file from their computer it is lost forever. In truth very rarely is deleted information lost or unrecoverable. Anyone can easily retrieve lost data with a few simple tools and the information on this file recovery tutorial. The first step for restoring lost or damaged data is to determine where you want to scan through. If you last saw your files while downloading from your digital camera then you will need to search the card or camera’s storage. If you were transferring data using a USB flash drive then that drive more than likely still holds your information. And, if you simply deleted from your PCs recycle bin, then you will need to search through your computer’s hard drive.

Complete retrieval of data without touching your computer’s hardware
nohardwareThe next step in our file recovery tutorial is to equip ourselves with software designed to scan digital storage devices and recover lost files. The best program available for this purpose is FileFinder. It is inexpensive and will work on any PC.
Our software differs from most data recovery programs in that it does not require a separate or “technician” computer to be hooked up to the hard drive that holds the missing digital information. This requires complete dismantling of two computers and is ridiculously impractical.
Rather, FileFinder uses a built in Windows shell that allows it to be run directly from any PC’s CD drive and in essence turn the broken computer into the working technician computer. Still let us continue our lesson in finding lost data.

Our included file recovery tutorial makes rescuing your data easy
Once you have followed the installation instructions for FileFinder and created the special recovery disc simply load it into the computer you wish to restore files on. ff-instscreensmallYou will be prompted once to load the program and after doing so the application will appear before you on your screen.
The included instructions will also need to be loaded and once you do simply follow the steps laid out before you.

FileFinder is capable of four different levels of recovery each more powerful than the next so there is no chance that your specific need cannot be handled.
The instructions are the continuation of this tutorial and will lead you to successful rescue of lost or damaged files of any kind including documents, emails, photos, videos and music. Even compressed data will be located and restored with FileFinder.

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File Recovery Software – Fast and Easy Data Restoration

When it comes to data recovery programs FileFinder has no equal. There are dozens of programs that claim to be able to rescue lost, damaged or deleted files. But every one of these except FileFinder hides one terrible secret… In order to use these programs to find lost files you must remove the hard drive from your computer and connect it internally to another PC that has their file recovery software installed on it. Further this is no easy installation it requires several cables and connections that must match perfectly from each of two computer motherboards. So when you purchase inferior software you discover that all it is good for is to undelete data on your working PC. But beware for even doing this causes problems. You are warned by these programs that simply downloading their product onto your computer can result in erasing the very files you are trying to recover.

So why is FileFinder different?
digitalmediastorageLike most programs to retrieve data, our application will perform both a quick and complete hard drive scan. And like other recovery programs, ours will find files on digital camera cards, USB flash drives, and any king of digital storage media including Music players like iPods. But, unlike all of the other File recovery software FileFinder does not need to be loaded onto a separate computer for severe recovery problems, and it does not load to your computers hard drive creating a risk of overwriting needed information and programs. In fact, our software does not use your desktop or laptop’s Windows operating system at all.

How FileFinder safely uses your own PC for recovery
burned-cdFileFinder loads onto your computer by way of a special CD or DVD that you burn elsewhere. This disk contains a complete standalone Windows OS that will not only run the deleted data retrieval application but will also allow you to access any existing non-deleted information on your PC. Even if your computer is showing a blue or black Windows error screen our software will load onto your PC’s RAM and start it up!

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Recover Files – Find and Retrieve Lost, Damaged or Deleted Files

digitalmediadevices1When you need to recover files it can be from any number of sources. You might have accidentally deleted files from a camera smart card, or lost power during a computer start up causing program files to go missing. You may have simply emptied your Windows recycle bin before checking it over for items you actually want to keep. Most people think that once they have lost information in this way there is nothing that can be done. But actually the process to find data lost through these and a dozen other ways is very simple. You can rescue data lost from hard drives, iPods, digital cameras, old floppy disks and any other type of digital storage very quickly and easily.

What you need to recover files with ease
All you need to get data back is FileFinder, a powerful stand-alone file rescue tool.
Using our software is a snap. Simply burn the special recovery disc with the CD burner tool included in the installation package download. Then load that disk into any PC from which you need to recover files. The application will automatically open along with illustrated step-by-step instructions. You need no previous computer skills. If you know how to send an email, you can easily restore deleted or lost digital information with FileFinder.

nohardwareHow much easier is FileFinder to use than other programs?
Most data recovery programs require you to take apart your entire computer and hook it up with cables to a working PC. Not so with FileFinder. Using our program you just burn our special CD or DVD on another computer and then load that disk into any computer anywhere that you want to recover from. Even if your desktop or laptop computer is showing a Windows error message and will not start up, FileFinder will access, start up, load and help you rescue any data lost, deleted or just locked away in a failed drive.

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File Recovery for Hard Disks, USB drives and other digital file storage

File recovery can be as simple as finding one deleted email on your personal computer or as complicated as saving an entire hard drive to a huge book drive and from there slow scanning for files deleted by reformatting a partition. In either case the software tool needed for data recovery is always the same.
That tool is FileFinder, the most unique tool for retrieving data ever developed.

Why is FileFinder the best program for file recovery?
Because FileFinder is designed to load only onto the RAM of your computer and not on its hard drive. This means two things…
First, by loading only to RAM there is no danger of overwriting any information you need to restore. no-hardwareOther recovery programs avoid this overwriting by having you download their software onto a separate computer that must be connected to the PC you want to recover files from by means of several cables. And to do this you must dismantle both the computer you need to get information from and the one you are using to hold their inferior program. FileFinder loads onto any CD or DVD and that disk is loaded directly into any PC that needs file recovery.

Second, by loading its powerful OS shell onto your computer’s RAM there is no need to use the Windows on your PC to run our application. Actually the program Shell has its own tiny version of Windows built right into it. This means that if your computer had been acting sluggish or simply would not even load, FileFinder will put your PC back in action so as to give you complete access to all of your files and programs.

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