Where did my files go…? How can I get them back safely?
There are many ways to lose files but only one practical way to recover them. The most common cause of losing files is accidental deletion. Everyone occasionally slips up and clicks on delete when they meant to hit save.
Sometimes we lose needed items while removing obsolete or unwanted programs. When we uninstall programs, often other applications are attached to these that we need. This type of file deletion occurs when we innocently click on the “Yes to all” button. Information can also be lost when a download or data transfer is cut short and interrupted. Damage and subsequent deletion also occurs when start up or shut down of our computer is interrupted early. There are a dozen ways for folders to be damaged or deleted. But there is only one great way to Recover Lost Files. And that is to use FileFinder.

FileFinder is a unique combination of two powerful data restoration systems
green-vista-icon-2The first feature is a miniature version of Windows Vista that will automatically load onto any desktop or laptop computer through its CD or DVD drive. This allows complete access to both the computer’s files and to any that are stored on devices connected to that computer such as a USB drive or digital camera or MP3 player.

media-storage-devicesThe second program is a powerful application that scans for and finds missing or damaged data. Our program will completely search through en entire hard drive to locate and rescue any folders that have been deleted. It will even find items deleted by reformatting the hard drive. Once found, FileFinder will move these items to a safe external drive.

    With FileFinder you can safely and quickly:

  • Recover lost files that have been emptied from the recycle bin
  • Recover deleted files even after you have reloaded Windows
  • Enter a crashed hard drive to copy out folders and their contents.
  • Undelete digital photos, documents, and emails.
  • Find lost files in music formats such as MP3s and MP4s
  • Locate lost pictures from camera cards and USB flash drives
  • Copy out deleted files from both crashed internal or crashed external hard drives.
  • Restore deleted items from Zip or Firewire drives.


What does our program have that no other data recovery program has?
We have written a complete set of easy to understand instructions. Unlike most hard to follow software instructions, FileFinder instructions are written in real time. What this means is that we guide you through every phase of recovery one illustrated step at a time. Every button to click on or image to preview is explained in simple terms with a matching screenshot. The separate instructions program opens in its own window for easy referral while you scan for missing or corrupted files.

What other file recovery companies don’t tell you about their programs
no-hardwareThere are hundreds of programs available to find and rescue lost data. What the sellers of these programs neglect to mention is that they will only work under special circumstances. If you have lost a file on an USB flash drive or a camera smart card, most any program to recover deleted data will work for you. But if you need to copy out files from your computer’s crashed hard drive then those programs will not work unless you dismantle your computer and connect its disk drive to another working PC that has their software downloaded onto it. This means you will have to take apart two separate computers and figure out how to connect them to have any chance at all to recover your missing archives.
Of course some of these programs will claim they can restore deleted folders just by downloading their program onto your present computer. What they don’t tell you is that the second you download their file utility software you run the risk of overwriting the very information you had hoped to rescue.

There has got to be a better way!
There is, and that way is to use FileFinder. Our easy to use program allows you to create a simple CD/DVD that you load into any computer you want to recover lost files from. A special Windows operating system is built into the software so that you can access your entire hard drive without ever overwriting data on your drive or even needing to load your PCs current operating system.

filefinder-example3Download FileFinder, the only self contained all in one data recovery and operating system program. Then all you need to do is burn a special CD/DVD using the free CD burner included with the download and use the powerful file retrieval software to enter your hard drive and recover all of your archived information. And you can use the FileFinder CD on any computer anywhere for either simple recovery of accidentally deleted files or major restoration of an entire hard drive.

What types of items will FileFinder rescue?
The program will rescue lost items from over 1000 different file types. Finding and restoring lost DOC, RTF, EXE, DLL, JPG, AVI, ICO, PNG, DBX, MP3, PDF, XLS, PPT, ZIP, RAR and hundreds of others is easy. And after your folders are found you can preview any images so as to decide which ones are most important to save.

    With FileFinder you can:

  • Rescue deleted email
  • Rescue deleted photos
  • Rescue deleted music
  • Rescue deleted anything!

So exactly how does FileFinder work?
It is a multipart process…
First the program uses powerful high speed scanning modules to thoroughly scan an entire hard drive. This process can take anywhere from a few seconds to an hour depending on whether you lost just a few files or have an entire hard drive corrupted and damaged. No matter how large the drive is FileFinder will not quit until the folders are all scanned and found.
While most programs of this kind are only able to recognize items by their name and extension, our proigram can actually read the coding structure of information written to your hard drive so as to easily spot the type of information you are looking for, such as documents, pictures and compressed files. This is especially important when looking for missing email.
Once your drive is scanned, FileFinder will allow you to sort through the located folders and divide them into groups for restoring. This saves plenty of time when you are looking for a particular type of missing file such as a digital photograph or document.
Once you have selected the data you want to rescue, you simply send them to an external drive for safekeeping. By preselecting the data you wish to reclaim you can save space needed for storage. A USB Flash drive will usually suffice for such file storage. If you are rescuing an entire drive external book type drive allow you to use FileFinder’s copy program to save an entire hard drive at once.

filefinderboxRemember… with FileFinder you don’t need a second computer to assist you with your file recovery. The FileFinder Windows disk you create will recover deleted files from any computer regardless of whether that computer will load start up or not.

FileFinder is the best software ever developed to safely and quickly retrieve deleted files from laptop computers, desktop computers and other digital devices.

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